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This magazine is about eateries bistros. Those who love to eat out finds this magazine very useful. This magazine aims to help readers learn more about the restaurants and eateries that are around.

We publish guides on how guests can select the right place to eat. We also share information on whether an eatery arrange any events or have entertainment options.

We offer advertising opportunities in our magazine. We have allocated some space for advertising and there are various advertising options to choose from. Here, we are going to discuss some of our advertising options.

Banner ads

This ad will help you to reach more customers and divert them to your site. You can get creative with this type of ad. You can use animation, graphics or other features to make the ad more attractive.

You should use the right message to get the target audience. You can choose various sizes of banner ads. The advertising rate will vary accordingly.

Sponsored review

We can write a positive review of your business so that you get more customers. The restaurant business is very competitive, and people find it difficult to choose where to go for lunch or dinner. Many of them now read reviews before deciding where to go.

When choosing a restaurant, quality food matters. But there are other factors like price, environment and service that are important as well. We cover every aspect of the restaurant so that the readers become motivated to choose your restaurant over others.

Newsletter ads

We provide a monthly newsletter to our subscribers where we include information about various types of restaurants and eateries. The newsletter also contains news about the restaurant industry. So, if you are in this business, you can find information about the industry as well.

You can place your ad here and we can guarantee that many people will notice your ad and click on it to go to your website for more information. It’s a great way to attract traffic to your site.


You can sponsor events like contests. That way people will know more about your brand and this will help you to boost your brand image.

To learn more about our advertising options, you can contact us. We can give youquotes for various advertising options.