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Bistros are small eateries where you have lunch or dinner in a homely setting. The price of the food is reasonable. Usually, French-style slow cooking and simple meals are served here.

When you decide to go out for lunch or dinner, you have several choices of going to restaurants. Here are some books that will help you to know more about different restaurants.


By – Jane Sigal

This book is about innovative recipes in bistros. In Paris, you will now find foods that are new and don’t use old recipes. They are using ingredients like root vegetables.Theyoften use cooked and raw vegetables in the same dish. You will find unique recipes here.

The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris

By – Patricia Wells

The author was a restaurant critic in Paris, and you will get lots of advice on restaurants in Paris. Here you will get to know about the best restaurants, bistros, cafes, and other eateries in Paris.

You will know where to find the best macarons, croissants, or other foods. By reading this book, you will know which restaurant you should go to and why. You will know about the type of food you are going to get there. If you plan to visit Pairs, then this is a must-read book.

Bistros of Paris

By – Robert Hamburger, Barbara Hamburger

You will know about all kinds of bistros here, from the trendiest ones to the more traditional ones. Here you will get information about special dishes, restaurants at affordable prices, and more.

You will know about the unique characteristics of the eateries which include details about wines and special dishes.

Kitchen Confidential

By – Anthony Bourdain

This book tells you about life in the culinary business. It is a funny and inspirational book where the author, who is a chef, shares his experiences of the restaurant business. You will get to know inside information about the restaurant business and what challenges you might face.

These books will help you to learn about various bistros and eateries in Paris and elsewhere. You will be able to choose the right restaurant when you visit a new place by reading these books. You will gain knowledge about the restaurant business too.